KUAF Audio Advance: Air Loom's Seeds EP

-by Antoinette Grajeda

Air Loom is a local duo comprised of Jackson Jennings and Dana Louise Idlet. The two met when Dana was working on paintings for a show at the Fayetteville Underground. She was searching for cross-sections of cedar to paint on when she was introduced to Jackson, who was involved with dendrochronology, or tree-ring dating, at the University of Arkansas. After meeting each other, they spent some time talking about music and exchanged their iTunes libraries before Jackson went to Finland to work on a PhD and Dana traveled to the Azores Islands to paint. The two reconnected earlier this year after Jackson saw Dana performing at Tanglewood Branch Beer Company in Fayetteville. Shortly thereafter, they formed a musical duo and have been performing throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Classifying the group's music isn't simple. Guitarist Jackson Jennings says they fit into the contemporary singer/songwriter genre, but they also connect with folk, rock, Americana and even pop.
The seven-track EP will officially be released during a 7 p.m. concert August 29 at Tanglewood Branch Beer Co.