KUAF Audio Advance: Barrett Baber's "Battlefield Us"

-by Antoinette Grajeda

During the week, you'll find Barrett Baber teaching students at Fayetteville High School. But on the weekends, you may catch him performing original music throughout the listening area. Baber grew up a preacher's son on the eastern side of the state in Marion, Ark.. Living near Memphis, Tenn.and then spending some time in Nashville has helped influence his music today.

Baber says he's one of those people who finds it difficult to describe his music because he's had so many influences in his life. Baber says he grew up loving R&B music and soul and yet he's "inexplicably country at times." His latest album, Battlefield Us, would best be described as an alt-country album with some soul, and you can find it on the country charts on iTunes. You'll be able to purchase a physical CD if you attend the Battlefield Us release show September 14 at the UARK Bowl in Fayetteville.

If you want a preview of Battlefield Us, you can listen to the entire album here:

On September 6, Ozarks at Large aired an interview with Barrett Baber and his producer/pianist Aaron Schauer. To hear the album's title track (which also features drummer Miguel Gamboa), which you didn't hear on the air, click here.